Saturday, 19 April 2014

A notice board and few other thoughts

I was searching my name on that old notice board. It seems to be a difficult task to find one’s own name on this notice board. A cool breeze passed me to flutter a piece of paper pinned to the board. This paper has lost all but only one pin to support its precarious existence on the board. What will happen to that paper when it is finally uprooted from that board? Who will know that this paper once stayed on this board? Unknown numbers of paper has come, stayed and vanished from this board. Does anyone know exactly how many papers did this board host till now? Oh! Finally I found my name on a paper on another corner of the board. This paper is holding strongly to the board now. But what if I am not able to find this paper here on another day?

This notice board is full of pins. Some of them are so rusted while some are about to fall off the board. Most of them have changed their colours. Yes! There are fresh pins also. But all the pins have made their own marks on this board. Some marks seem to be so deep while a few others seems to be healing. Some of these pins may never leave the board. One day this notice board was so clear without any marks. Today it has become so difficult to see the board without pins. Now, it is not the board which carries the pins but it is the pins that carry the board. I wish if I could go back in time to see the old notice board when it was fresh without any marks. I wish if I could remove few pins which made deep marks on the board and still reject the requests to leave the board.

While walking back to my nest-my comfort zone-I saw bulldozers uprooting the trees and leveling the ground. Our old wonderful notice board is accepting pins after pins on its body every moment. Most of these pins make very deep wounds and stay long hurting it forever. Now the board is no more visible without the rusting pins and the clinging paper pieces. I wonder whether I am capable of removing those pins. I just wish if I could make no more deep marks on the notice board.

It was getting late. So I walked hurriedly trying to forget the notice board and the other thoughts.


  1. sir congratulations for starting the blog.... i always admire ur thoughts.... love it. Would love to discuss this thought more. :)